Partner with Aradana TV by adopting a Village


Aradana Television Channel is engaged in telecasting 24/7 inspirational Teaching and Preaching coupled with Informative, Transformative and Reformative impartations being done by the fraternity of Clergy, Evangelists and Guest Speakers, to the Word thirsty community around the world.

With a burden to reach every home in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Aradana TV has already covered or reached all the cities and towns along with over 21000 villages. Another 8000 remote villages are yet to be covered.

Have you ever wished you could go to a village and be a blessing to the people there?
Or have you wished you could send someone there to be a blessing to them, to counsel them, encourage them and pray with them?
Would you like to be a channel of blessing to thousands of villagers whom you have never met?
Would you like to bring a smile on the faces of thousands of villagers who are less privileged than you are?

Well, here is a golden opportunity for you to partner with Aradana TV to bring the goodness of the love, joy, peace and salvation of Jesus Christ into the homes in a whole village of Andhra Pradesh / Telangana.

How does this work?
We have an interesting option for you. Yes, you can now partner with ARADANA TV and together, we can make a big difference to the lives of millions of people in the remote villages.

Aradana Satellite Channel can be received in every square inch of our 2 Telugu speaking States. We only need to avail the services of MSO/Cable operator who downlinks signals from Satellite and distributes to every home. Once we have an agreement with the MSO/Cable Operator, which costs considerable amount of money, every home in the village with a TV set connected to this cable operator, will be able to receive Aradana TV channel free of cost 24/7.

It costs approximately Rs.10,000/- to enable the Satellite signals of Aradana TV reach to one village. If you can make a one time investment of this amount into the lives of these people, they can enjoy inspirational messages, right in their homes.

We would re-iterate the fact that there are 28000 villages in both the Telugu States; 21000 villages have come under Aradana’s reach so far. Another 7000 remote villages are in the grey area.

We solemnly make this appeal to you to partner with Aradana TV in making a collective effort to reach out and touch the additional 7000 villages.

This is an excellent opportunity for every blessed family like yours, to prayerfully consider ADOPTING couple of VILLAGE’s in partnership with Aradana TV, to directly reach every home in remote villages in both our States.

'ADOPT A VILLAGE' means, Aradana TV facilitates enabling of Aradana TV SIGNAL in the village of your choice. Perhaps, you can adopt a village of your ancestral origin. Aradana TV would uprightly recognize and account for your sacrificial contribution. Your sponsorship equals to positioning a full time Pastor in the village.

For additional information or any assistance, please do not hesitate to call us. Or you may visit us at

Thanks ever so much for your kind attention to this brief epistle and prompt initiative to the proposition.

Will remain,

Your Partner in His Service,

Chairman & Managing Director
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