1. What is the postal address of ARADANA TV?
    See Contact us for the details.
  2. What are the alternate numbers to call, if other lines are busy?
    See Contact us for the details.
  3. To what E-mail address should I write?
    See Contact us for the details.
  4. How do I present my pre-recorded programme on ARADANA TV?
    Call one of the office staff members, discuss the matter and set up an appointment; meet the standards set by Aradana Tv and deliver the Master copy in person and gain the necessary clarification, if any. Make sure to keep your appointment.
  5. Is it okay to send it by ordinary post?
    It is better to send it through any standard Courier.
  6. On what conditions will ARADANA TV crew take up an Outdoor shooting programme?
    Unless it is pre-approved by the Director, no cameramen of Aradana TV are allowed to do outdoor video recording.
  7. How does a Scrolling text Advertisement work?
    A prescribed fee is set for the Scrolling text messages which are limited to a number of words in the sentence. The fee actually depends on the duration of the text to be scrolled in a week / month. Depends on case to case.
  8. How much would it cost me to purchase a Half Hour Slot time on ARADANA TV?
    Check the Tariff furnished on the website separately.
  9. How do I schedule my recording if I wish to use ARADANA TV studios?
    Once your proposal is approved, the Director schedules your video recording in the studios.
  10. I have a Track music of my own, can I just walk in and present my song?
    Always take approval from the Director and take it up from there.
  11. Where do I find Audio studios to pre record my song?
    There are many Christian Audio studios in the city. Refer Twin Cities Christian Directory for the same.
  12. Where can I find the ARADANA TV schedule?
    Right here on the website.
  13. How do I submit my prayer request?
    Again, right here on the website or you can call our Prayer team at the office.
  14. How can I become a Prayer Partner?
    Write and E-mail to us and we will respond to you in seven working days.
  15. I want my children to participate in CHINNI CHINNI ARADANA programmes, what is the first step?
    Talk to one of our staff members and discuss in detail about the kind of programme you are looking at suitable to the talents of your children.
  16. I want to present a message on ARADANA TV what is the first step I should take?
    Meet the Director in person and discuss at length about the subject you wish to present or talk on. There are many issues linked directly to a person who desires to present a message on TV. A full length discussion would satisfy our Director about the origin and the direction of the message.
  17. Will I be paid for participating in any of the ARADANA TV programmes?
    No. Unless it is an In-House production and that Artistes are called for, there is no way of making any payments to Participants.
  18. How can I sponsor a programme of my choice on ARADANA TV?
    First write to our Director about the details of your sponsorship through E-mail and provide us your contact details, we will contact you to explain what it takes to sponsor a programme.
  19. How do I gain employment in ARADANA TV?
    Periodically, we advertise on our channel on a scrolling text about the job positions vacant in our organization.
  20. I am an N.R.I. and I want to present a video-recording of our church service with reference to a special occasion, how should I do it?
    If your programme is video recorded on Hi quality Tape, try to convert the same on a DVD and send the DVD through Courier Agency and we will do all the required editing as per your requirement or guidance.
  21. What are the different ways to receive Aradana TV signal in my home?
    1. Through the Local Cable Operator / MSO. In this case the Cable Operator Downlinks the signal and distributes it to individual homes using a cable.
    2. Direct connectivity with the satellite. Here you can directly get connected with the INSAT 4B for which you require the following equipment no:
      • 6 feet Dish with LNB of Euro Star make or Equivalent.
      • MPEG 4 Decoder / Receiver Box. Using this you can directly receive the signal from satellite by tuning as per Downlink parameters as shown in our website.
    3. People living in countries outside the Footprint area can watch our programmes on Internet.

Here are some of the questions asked by prospective speakers who are wanting to telecast their programs on our channel.

  1. What is the area / region that will be covered by your television channel - including number of potential audience?
    Foot print area of INSAT 4B is shown seperately. We are targeting to reach over 90 million Telugu speaking people primarily in the State of Andhra Pradesh and also Telugus spread across the world.
  2. How will the programs be seen - cable, satellite, etc.,?
    Initially we are concentrating in the State of Andhra Pradesh, South India, wherein most of the coverage is through MSO's. These MSO's downlink the channels and in turn distribute the same through number of cable operators. Cable reach in Andhra Pradesh is over 85%. The rest of the foot print area can be received directly by individual TV households or through MSOs.
  3. When is the possible start date for the telecast?
    Our telecast is up and running 24/7 from 7th July, 09.
  4. Can we watch Live TV through your website?
    Yes, you can watch Live TV on our website home page or else you can navigate through the "Watch Live TV" menu to view live streaming of our telecast.
  5. When viewers respond to any of the programs telecasted on your channel, how do you handle the enquiries about a particular program?
    Every Pastor or an Evangelist who presents their program on Aradana Tv they always furnish their contact details on the screen during their allotted time slots. People who desire to contact them will do it on their own. We are offering our assistance to the people who call us directly to enquire about a particular program.
  6. Can people from other regions of India watch your program?
    Yes, provided they get tuned to our Channel. Alternatively, they have to sign up with one of the National DTH (direct to home) operators so that nationally many people can watch once they have such DTH connection. We are in the process of negotiating with the DTH operators to carry our signal on their platform.
  7. What programs are on your priority list?
    Major programs include messages from the prominent Evangelists, a special series will be done on the History of each church in the city that holds both congregational strength and architectural value. In addition, programs under the categories of Gospel Music, Quiz Time, History Makers, Daily Devotion, Kids time and Youth Time are gaining priority.