Paul Devapriyam Pulla, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Aradana Broadcasting International Pvt Ltd (ARADANA TV), is a first generation entrepreneur. A strong visionary and an experienced management professional in the fields of International Trade, Marketing, Finance and Construction. A Management Graduate from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, Paul was awarded the "Young Manager of the Year" in 1994 by "Hyderabad Management Association" in recognition of his all-round excellence in performance, leadership skills and contribution to the growth of his organisation.

Paul is born and bought-up in Christian faith and always had the driving passion to play a greater role in strengthening the Christian Community. Paul strongly believed Community development is "asset building that improves quality of life". While having 12 years of professional working experience in multinational companies, over 12 years of Business experience and travelled to over 25 countries, Paul choose to step aside from corporate professional life and lay his hands on community-based work.

In the year 2008, Paul ventured into faith-based work of broadcasting message of God's love and Good news through Satellite Television Medium to the Christian community all across the state of Andhra Pradesh and the Telugu community around the world through ARADANA TV.

Establishing and fostering the growth of the community-based organization poses numerous challenges, however Paul having the management experience, skills, and knowledge, coupled with his dedication and hard work, made remarkable achievements in the Christian Community Service ever since the faith-based organization is established.

The Christian community in Andhra Pradesh reverentially cherish the flag-ship projects of ARADANA TV like RUN FOR JESUS, WORLD RENOWED CELEBRITY MUSICAL CONCERT (Don Moen's), ARADANA AWARDS, ARADANA CALAMITY RELIEF, and not limited to ARADANA HOLY LAND TOURS.

ARADANA TV works inclusively with all denominations from Protestants to Catholics and Partner's with the community leaders from all fields and levels.

With the extensive personal involvement with the community activities, Paul learned about other government policy-relevant issues such as marginalization, discrimination and disguised oppression being faced by the minority community.

Also, mainly to Educate, Empower and Engage Christian community about where the promising opportunities lie, what would be required to capitalize on them, improve quality of life among residents of low-to-moderate-income members and the state at large, Paul along with other senior leaders from the Christian community have already committed to address the policy-relevant issues by assuming new role and be part of the policy makers group and effect the community at large.

Paul now believes that strength comes from what you are driven by, and not balance sheets and bank accounts. "Your life is just a means of delivering something to others before saying goodbye".

Paul's wife Usha Kiran is the Executive Director of Aradana TV who demonstrates sustained efficiency at all levels of Admin & Management matters. Her heart beats for the community in terms of faith and spiritual advancement. Paul & Usha are blessed with a daughter Rachel Priyanka, a Doctor in Residency program at Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad, and son Martin Paul who is pursuing a degree in Media Communication in Florida, U.S.A.

As a close knit family they toiled day in and out, being in the favour of the Lord, to make ARADANA TV the crowning glory of the Telugu Christians in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The ARADANA TV family are deeply committed to the furtherance of the Lord's work in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mr. Paul Devapriyam Pulla & Family